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Toronto Womens Fashion Week

Day 1 / Jour 1 #TW.

Toronto's fashion scene seems to be off to good start in 2017. Not only did Peter Freed purchase Toronto Fashion Week with plans to resurrect it sometime this year, but Toronto Women's Fashion Week is also launching soon.

It's officially scheduled for March 9 to 14. This smaller scale fashion week - created by Jeff Rustia, who's behind Toronto Men's Fashion Week - garnered support by partnering with L'Oréal Canada and three of its biggest beauty brands: Maybelline New York, Redken 5th Avenue NYC and Essie.

This fashion week will happen in one venue (as yet unspecified), and according to a press release, it was created to "assist Canada's most esteemed designers in creating their runway looks."

In addition to this newfangled fashion week, Toronto's also home to several alternative fashion events, which happen throughout the year.

Day 2 / Jour 2 #TW.

Loose waves, textured braids, and sleek pin straight looks ruled the runway at Day 2 of Toronto Women's Fashion Week. Here are the #RedkenReady looks for Luis Padilla, Shelli Oh, Picadilly Presents David Dixon, Rachel Sin, Di Carlo Couture, and Joseph Tassoni.

Day 3 / Jour 3 #TW.

Day 3 of Toronto Women's Fashion Week brought super sleek ponies, deconstructed french twists, skull headpieces and more. Here's a look at the #RedkenReady styles for Emergence by Toronto Film School, Miriam Baker, Evan Biddell, Roch (International Spotlight Show), and Stephen Caras.

Day 4 / Jour 4 #TW .

The final day of Toronto Women's Fashion Week saw androgynous braided buns, metal hair accessories, faux dreads, and glamourous waves. Here are the #RedkenReady looks for KQK, Lesley Hampton, Zoran Dobric, Peggy Sue, Hendrixroe and Mikael D.