Okay, okay... So I know this is totally repetitive for this time of year but seriously, red is 100% the new color trend for fall 2017.

Fashion Wise

Have you been shopping lately? Taken a stroll through any of our overcrowded malls? I definitely try not to seeing as I usually end up weeping over all the things I can't have! This weekend I took my chances at Toronto's Eatons Centre. Holy smokes! RED everywhere!

I decided to do some research on this. New York's Fashion week truly made this evident. Designers such as Oscar de Larenta , Victoria Beckham and Fendi had their models strutting down the runway in various hues of this wonderful colour. I'm noticing these hues are almost specific; Crimson, Scarlet, Vermilion and on some pieces a slightly rusted, off red.

Here's what I'm talking about...

Victoria Beckham

Oscar De Larenta

Apparently it has not just been New York's fashion week. Red made a big appearance in Milan's Fashion week as well, lets see if Paris follows suit.

Spiritually Speaking

Red inspires passion, energy and love. With the specific hues I'm seeing this season there are also some orange tones, which emanate warmth and ask for affection. Red is the colour of your 1st Chakra, your root chakra located in your pelvic area. This Chakra is all about your feelings of security, safety and general groundedness. The chakra with the colour of vitality. Reminding us to live passionately with a strong connection to our bodies want and need for stability. Red can also be a colour of warning, and if you are seeing this come up very consistently in your life, it could very well be a representation of an imbalance.

In the Tarot, red carries messages of passion, our more primal urges, action and pleasure. As for red crystals, they bring you energy, courage passion and love.

Loft Hair Lounge and our Red Heads.

I guess its no surprise our clients have been asking to go red. I love doing reds, so scrumptuous and juicy. Heres some examples of some red heads we've done recently:

Yummy rose on Dianna by yours truly.

Fire cherry red on our lovely Kiera by Frederic...

Team work was dream work on this one. Here's what I like to call Russet Brown Delight.

Huge transformation done by our Konstantin.

By our one and only Tim !

Now I some are hesitant to go red because it is known to fade very fast. No worries! We care this amazing red shampoo by Watercolors. It completely refreshes and can even enhance your colour.

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