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Our Favourite Products Of 2017!

Choosing the right product for your hair can be overwhelming and confusing. There's just so many options. I find many people will be at a loss, and just end up going to the drug store and choose by whatever the label says. It is definitely best to confide in an experienced stylist first. Here at Loft Hair Lounge all of our stylists are educated and up to date on the latest Redken products. We are always ready to come up with the perfect prescription for all your hair needs. Whether its shampoo & conditioner, pomade or a repair serum we're prepared to give you all the knowledge you need on what's best for you!

Here are some of our personal favourites:

Our Direction Tim's Fav :


Tim's #1 go-to product. Satinwear is "One size fits all". From thick to thin - Frizzy to flat, satinwear always shares its benefits. A light weight serum, so it wont weigh down your hair, or apply more liberally for more generous results. Satinwear offers, 450 degrees worth of heat protection and leaves you hair feeling smooth, silky and sleek!

Blonde Specialist Frederic's Fav :


How could you deny yourself the 25 benefits of this all-in-one spray? This spray never leaves Frederic's station, he uses it before every cut, blow dry or style. If you have major tangled hair brushing can take up way too much time and can also cause breakage. This is a must have product for you. Try this, no doubt one of its properties will benefit you.

My Fav (Chandler, Ms. Bleach & Tone) :


If you are experiencing breakage chances are I'm pushing you this product. Trust me and reap the rewards. This is your prescription to the road of healthy hair. This leave in treatment prevents further breakage and helps repair split and fried ends. All my platinum blonde clients leave the salon with this. From the Extreme line , Anti-snap is full of the protein your hair is so desperately lacking from the wear and tear of lightening. Come in and pick this up if your find you are at your wits end!

Konstantin's Fav (Our wonderful colourist and stylist):


Tired of taking so long to blow dry your hair in the morning? Cut your blow dry time in half with our primer spray. In the same way you prime your face before any other product, you should also prime your hair. This spray helps other products work more effectively. With its heat protecting qualities this spray also help prevent breakage and encourages strong hair integrity.

Kenlyn's Fav ( Our newest team member, and pro styler) :


Just one step above a texturizing spray. If you are looking for more hold then our wind blown fashion work offers just that. It is our working hairspray, spray on each section to make your style stick. This is how Kenlyn's brilliant up-dos and styles hold through out the day and night. Can add an amazing rough tousled look to your loose beach waves... it tastes good too ;P.

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